Postcolonial & Comparative Studies Association


"Words will not speak and the silence freezes into the images of the apartheid" ~ Homi K. Bhabha, The Location of Culture

Board Members

Cameron Bushnell
Clemson University

Anita Duneer
Rhode Island College

John Hawley
Santa Clara University

Esra Mirze Santesso
University of Georgia

Amrit Singh
Ohio University


The United States Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (USACLALS) is a regional branch of the Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (ACLALS), which was formed in 1964. USACLALS has changed its name to Postcolonial & Comparative Studies Association (PCSA).

Mission Statement

The PCSA aims to study Anglophone colonial, postcolonial, and global literatures and cultures (including those of Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Canada, New Zealand and Australia) in a variety of comparative contexts - including and especially the varied and vital, social and historical contexts of the Americas. It welcomes discussions of multicultural literatures from around the world, with reference to questions of language and power, transculturation, transnationalism, diaspora, and globalization. We encourage studies that reach beyond the geopolitical and cultural boundaries of the former European colonies and that employ comparative frameworks to assess diverse literatures and cultures, including ethnic American and African American texts.

PCSA Officers

President:�Irma�Maini Secretary: Uppinder Mehan Treasurer: Daniel Scott
New Jersey City University Fort Valley State University Rhode Island College